Monday, August 10, 2009

Blogging with Purpose

This blog is being specifically made for my genealogy research. I hope that it ends up being a place where I can publish my findings to share them with others. My genealogy research and findings continue to flourish, and it is something that has been consistent for years now. Knowing that, I believe this will be a long-standing blog. If we share common surnames, it will be a destination to further another's research.

And now for my little Disclaimer & Terms of Service (TOS): 

Copyright: I won't publish anything for which I do not have a source. If, by chance, I happen to forget to cite the source, please know that you can contact me and I'll be able to add that information. If I use or make mention of another persons photos or material, I will be sure to credit them. Likewise, any photographs, images or other content that you might share or use of mine, I ask that you appropriately credit me as these materials are copyrighted and link back to my site. 

Content: I am responsible for the content on this site but not the comments from visitors (I have modified settings to be able to moderate comments to eliminate personal attacks, obscene content, spam, etc.). I only have control over the content I publish in this blog and cannot be responsible for how another person may use the content found here or other sites I've linked to.

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  1. Hi Joanne, great blog. I've just started blogging my own genealogy and have been browsing other sites for inspiration. What I've noticed is that the most successful genealogy bloggers are those who not only know how to tell a good story, but are passionate about their roots. It's clear from your writing style that you've got both covered. I look forward to your next posts!


  2. John said it best Joanne, welcome. I look forward to many more posts and so very glad you are here.