Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letter of Guardianship (from minutes book)

In continuing to follow The Probate Records Index for Mary Brown...

Item #1 is a Letter of Guardianship from the minutes of the court book in which the widow, SABRA BROWN, posted to the court the sum of $5000 dollars bond for the guardianship of her three minor children: ARCHIBALD BROWN, MARY BROWN, and ATHA BROWN. Transcription follows image.

From Keeper of the Records

Letter of Guardianship
Book: Minutes of the Court 1840-53, Henry County
Page 49

Photo taken with permission at the Henry County Probate
Records Office, McDonough, Georgia.

Digitized version of original - Copyright 2009 Joanne Schleier


Ordered by the court that Sabrey Brown be and she is hereby appointed Guardian of Archibald Brown Mary Brown and Athea Brown orphan children of Robert Brown Deceased by her giving Bond and Security in The Sum of five thousand Dollars
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