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Annual Return for 1841

In continuation of The Probate Records Index for Mary Brown...

Item #4 is for Annual Returns that Sabra Brown was required to file once she became Guardian of her minor children, Archibald Brown, Mary Brown & Atha Brown after the death of her husband.

This annual return equated to submissions for the hire of a "Negro" or slave/servant; one for each child.

This is 1 of 2 pages for this entry. The next post will be entry #4, 2nd page.

Transcription follows image, as usual.

From Keeper of the Records

Henry County Probate Records Office

Henry County, Georgia.

Annual Returns Book C 1840-53, Henry County

Page 62

Photo taken with permission at the Henry County
Records Office, McDonough, Georgia.
Digitized version of original - Copyright 2009 Joanne Schleier


Annual Return of Sabra Brown Guardian for the orphans of Robert Brown deceased for this year 1841

Amount of articles furnished Archibald Brown 3624
" " " Mary Brown 5291
" " " Atha Brown 6228

Boy Servant Recd for the hire of of Negro Woman Harriet 25,00
Amount Recd for the hire of Negro Man Arthur 90,00
Amount Recd for the hire of Mavindo 3550

Sworn to before me
January 6, 1842
Abel A Lunan

Sabra "her X mark" Brown

Recorded January 31st 1842
[signed] Abel A Lunan

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