Saturday, August 15, 2009

Probate Records Index for Mary Brown

Well, this may not seem like much for those readers anticipating great "AHA!" images, but this is where I started on my trip to Henry County and I would like to publish what I found in chronological order, if only just because it makes sense to me. 

My goal was to find parents of my third great-grandmother Mary Brown. I began with the general index book and searched under her name finding a "minor". This proved to be the first "X" on the treasure map I was about to begin and prove to be invaluable. I am pretty sure to zoom in or download your own copy of the image just click on it. It should take you to my Web album on Picasa. So for a start, here it is: 

SOURCE: The General Index to Proceedings of Estates, Court of the Ordinary, Henry County, Georgia Book No. 1 from 1821 to Dec. 31, 1939, Henry Co. Page 55, BROWN, Mary (minor) Photo taken with permission at the Henry County Probate Records Office, McDonough, Georgia. Digitized version of original - copyright 2009 Joanne Schleier.

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