Monday, February 28, 2011

Changing My System… Again

The ProGen study group is helping me learn to write research plans, reports and analysis which I currently do in a notebook. Now, I am much better at these.  Also, my papers, though organized, do not flow for me when in process and trying to analyze.  I lose track of where a record is in the flow of: transcribe, make back-up copy, add to computer folder, print hardcopy for folder (or not as I was trying to “go digital”) and then having it all together when I wanted to analyze was a problem. 

I used to be a “binder” girl, but my current office has two full walls of built in bookshelves.  They are only tall enough for BOOKS except for the top shelf which is near the 8’ ceiling!  I’ve been waiting for the room redo, but I just can’t function in a messy office so I will wait no more!

It’s back to binders!

So, I found Dear Myrtle is at it again for 2011 with her Monthly Organizing Checklist’s.  I decided it couldn’t hurt to follow along someone who has already tested this specifically for genealogists…and she uses binders.  I may modify some of it, because I’ve learned some of what works for me along the way. 

I know it’s February already, but I’ve almost caught up since I just began January’s checklist mid-month.  Except for the binder assembly, which I plan to do piecemeal.  There are too many surnames and I want to scrutinize what I have and make a few reports in preparation for my trip back to Virginia in April and the Virginia class I’ll be taking at IGHR, Stamford University, Alabama, in June.  (Woot-woot! Yes, I got in and I am already planning my trip, since it’s my first time there.)

To say the least, I am very excited to be aiming towards what I know works for me.  The hard part is knowing that it will take a lot of time to get it all how I want it.  But I’m thrilled that I’m close to a solution.  I also can look back at the reasons why I shifted from what “worked”.  I was piling the binders onto the flat surfaces in my office until it drove my nuts.  The solution was putting a pre-made bookcase into the closet.  Concealed storage solution.  Love that!