About Me

Hi y’all!   No, I seriously don’t talk like that, but maybe you’ll remember that I live in GA now!   My name is Joanne Schleier.
I have been a resident of Georgia for nearly 30 years since growing up in Nashua, New Hampshire.  I live for genealogy and without it I would die.  Srsly. I began “doing genealogy” beginning in the fall of 2007.  Prior to that it didn’t seem possible since I'm an adoptee.
In 1996, I was happily reunited with my biological parents.  Since my adopted family is small with late ancestral immigrations leaving little to research in the U.S.,  my main focus has been my bio mother’s lines spreading out throughout the east coast in early America.  My bio father’s line also jumps overseas within a couple generations.  My intense eagerness to fill my trees and find my roots caused me to spend my first year collecting anything which sounded right and not citing all of the sources.  My second year, I learned my lesson, and redid my entire database with legitimate information and only if it was properly sourced.
I am married to a wonderfully supportive husband whose interest in genealogy is growing.  I have one daughter and he has four children.  They were all teenagers at the same time - and we’re still married!!! HaHa! As of July 2010, we are empty-nestor's!  My husband has worked for the same company for 27 years and his job enables him to work wherever he has his phone and internet connection.  The sense of freedom we feel now is intense!
I own a business as a Certified Custom Window Treatment Professional, plus I can make all other soft furnishings for the home including bedding, light upholstery and slipcovers.  I have a BA in Theater Performance.  I love all things crafty!  I'm currently working on archiving family photos and memorabilia, cross-stitch project, re-decorating my home, plus way to much to add here!  
My husband's passion is woodworking.  His other job is a chair-maker for Colonial Chair Company.  He teaches fundamentals of woodworking classes as well as making Shaker boxes, Norwegian Bentwood boxes and lots of other stuff in the southeast region.  His period demonstrations has led us to dressing authentically in colonial dress as one pictures those in Colonial Williamsburg!  And guess who makes all my wardrobe?  Another hobby...
Too. Much. Information.
I also like to ramble. ;-)
Thanks for reading my blog!