Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letter of Dismissal Guardianship

In continuation of The Probate Records Index of Mary Brown...

This post consists of Item #5 & #6 in the above referenced index, both appearing in the same Minutes of the Court Book on page 201 (See source below).

This concludes all of the entries listed in the General Index under Brown, Mary (minor).

Transcription follows the image.

From Keeper of the Records

Henry County Probate Records Office
Minutes of the Court 1840-53, Henry County
Page 201

Photo taken with permission at the Henry County Probate
Records Office, McDonough, Georgia.
Digitized version of original - Copyright 2009 Joanne Schleier


Upon the application of Sabra Brown Guardian of Archibald Mary + Atha Brown for letters of dismissian from said Guardianship

It is ordered by the Court that the clerk of this Court do issue a citation in the premises requiring all persons Interested to show cause on or before the next July term of this Court wife said Guardian should not be dismissed from her said Guardianship and that disorder be published in some public Gazette of this state according to law
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