Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Organizing with “Dear Myrtle”: February

Continuing to play catch-up with Dear Myrtle’s Organizing Checklists, I am now working through February’s.  Also, an update for January, today I bought 6 more binders and 10 more sets of tab dividers because I got a $10 coupon bringing my total investment for supplies to $250.46.  Creating those binders will be added to the list of things to do.
Here’s the breakdown for February:
  1. Decide on a genealogy management program: I already use Legacy Family Tree Software.
  2. Volunteer at I’m registered to volunteer for this, but my genealogy volunteer efforts at present are towards my local society.
  3. Check that surnames in binders A-F are in the database:  Well, I had to modify this one a bit.  I printed the family group sheets for the binders I’ve already made from my database, so I know they are all in there.  Plus, I can’t work alphabetically as I said before, because not all the binders are made yet.
  4. Make sure individuals mentioned in papers are cited in database: This is precisely what I’ll be working on for February’s list!
  5. Sort photos: Already done.
  6. Rename digital photos: A work in progress.
  7. Subscribe to blogs in Google Reader: I should unsubscribe to some because I can never keep my list empty – always trying to play catch-up with this!  I love my reader!
  8. Join a genealogy-related mailing list: I have joined a couple and never have time to read the emails which frustrates me.  I try to eliminate and self-created must-do’s so I don’t punish myself by feeling badly that I can’t get it done.
  9. Scanfest:  I use this time to scan.  I am volunteering currently to digitize our societies quarterlies so we can add them to the member’s only section of our website.
These are the four containers in my office of sorted photos I started in my Archiving Project.  They have been then and the process has been halted.  Long story short.  I order my archival supplies from Light Impressions Direct.  I placed an order for more photo sleeves in October 2010. When I didn’t get them just before Christmas I called and they said they were back-ordered.  I’ve called many times where there was no answer, a chronic busy signal and today’s call left me on hold for 6 minutes with no answer.  I am so bummed!  Grrrr!  I may have to switch to another supplier, but I already have supplies from them from my first order and I really want it all to match!  You know?

2011 Mar 18_0998

So, still playing catch-up…on to March! or march onward… or something like that.
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  1. Joanne, I know what you mean about Light Impressions. I finally gave up on using them because everything seems to go into backorder status. Sometimes for many, many months. I finally cancelled my outstanding orders with them and moved on.

  2. @Michelle Goodrum Well, Michelle, I'm glad to hear it wasn't just me. Now I will rethink "moving on" myself! BTW, who did you ultimately order from?

  3. Hi Joanne,
    I order supplies from Hollinger Metal Edge and Gaylord and have received excellent service from both. Metal Edge has a minimum of 3 on some items, so I use them for bulk, and pick up oddballs from Gaylord.

    Hope this helps,