Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Progress for Goals in 2010

It's already March 2010! Can you believe it? I've been diligently working towards getting my goals accomplished. You can read about them here: 2010 Has Arrived!

These are the things I've been working on recently:

  1. Research: My local genealogical society finished up their Beginners Course with two field trips. The first one was to the Georgia State Archives. I am an officer and took the tour the last two years in a row so I opted to spend this time doing research on my McVicker/Brown Georgia ancestors.
  2. Education: The week following, our field trip was to the National Archives Southeast Region. The Georgia Genealogical Society hosted an all-day lecture there which I attended instead of their tour.
  3. Education: I watched parts 1 & 2 of Research Logs:The Most Important Tool for Organizing Your Genealogy.
  4. Organizing: Inspired by #3 above, I created a new research log template.
  5. Organizing: As part of an ongoing project to manage all of my photos, I have restructured the file folders within My Pictures on my computer. I'll share my method in another post.
  6. Organizing: I have finally compiled all of my genealogy books, binders and other reference materials into one spot designated exclusively for them.
  7. Heirlooms:
    1. I brought three of my mother's oil paintings to show to an antique dealer for some advice.
    2. I polished my grandmother's silver tray and also showed it to the antique dealer who advised me not to have it re-plated.
    3. I polished one of the two silver tea pitchers.
    4. I cleaned and hung three of my mother's antique clocks and one barometer and my cuckoo clock from when I lived in Germany. (I can't afford to have her clocks serviced and working yet though). Excuse the treadmill in the photo, but I wasn't about to move it!
    5. I polished one of my Grandfather's Trophy's. My husband is going to apply a finish to the mahogany and we will reattach it with brass tacks. (It was a yacht race and he was a crew member - still searching for more information about this race).
I still need to register for the 2010 FGS Conference and next week I am attending a week-long genealogy course at the John C. Campbell Folk School in NC. I'm also presenting to our Beginner's Course on Saturday - "Internet Tools for Genealogy".

That's quite a bit of progress. I guess I didn't realize it until writing this post! How are you progressing with your genealogy/archiving goals? I hope this post was at least motivating for you! Keep going a little piece at a time.

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  1. I also plan (well, hope) to attend the FGS Conference. Hope I am able to attend and hope to see you there!