Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marietta Diner is an EVENT!


There is one reason why There is a whole case full of reasons why I go to Marietta Diner.  If you ever go to or through Marietta, Georgia, then you have to come here!  You will not leave hungry – I promise you!  Celebrities have gone -  as their autographed posters are one the wall when you go in.  Like Miley Cyrus and Guy Fieri.

2011-01-26 19.31.28

2011-01-26 19.32.08

Just plan on at a minimum of 10 minutes to browse the menu because it runs the gamut.  I think that’s why they bring you the spinach in filo dough – to tide you over while you try to make a decision.
I wasn’t too hungry tonight and, of course, you I have to have dessert. 
So, I started with my friends cup of soup which she didn’t want.
Wait… back up.
Here’s my advice.  Pick your dessert first.  Go to the counters and “ooo” and “aah” and make a fool of yourself while you take pictures. 
You don’t understand.  These cakes, pies, cookies and everything else are HUGE. 
Big, fat, huge. 
Take a look.  {Try not to drool all over your keyboard, k?}.

2011-01-26 19.49.12

Cakes, OH MY!!!
And pies and cheesecake (and my buddy, Sarah, below)  She goes for fruity and I go for chocolate. 
Fruit?  Uh-uh. 
Decadent. Chocolate. People. 

2011-01-26 19.48.02

Take a closer look.

2011-01-26 19.51.08

2011-01-26 19.51.30

Baklava Cheesecake ya’ll. 

2011-01-26 19.51.45

And if you can’t get your face close enough to see if you really want that one or not… Never fear, they’ll pull it out of the case and show you the cut-away view.

2011-01-26 19.52.20

And don’t forget how big they are.

2011-01-26 19.53.21

So, I find the one I want. Chocolate, of course.

2011-01-26 19.48.38

Now that that’s done, where were we?
Oh yes, the soup.  Cream of broccoli.  That’s my veggie for tonight. 
{Don’t say it, I know what you’re wanting to say.}

2011-01-26 19.58.16

Then I ordered the patty melt and got so distracted by the size of Sarah’s steak that I forgot to take a picture of mine.  Here’s hers.

2011-01-26 20.13.44

Yes, I had a tape measure in my purse.  (I make custom window treatments and it’s one of my shopping-for-fabric necessities).
So, we whipped the tape measure out knowing the photos won’t show the true scale of the thing.  That’s not centimeters. Nope – that’s a 14-inch plate with an 8-inch long steak on it!  And, oh by the way, Sarah ate the whole thing because it was just that good… and got her dessert to go!

2011-01-26 20.47.50

And here’s the part I’ve been waiting for… Million Dollar Cake.  Brownie on the bottom, cheesecake in the middle and chocolate mousse on the top!  I think that’s decadent enough for me!  Four inches tall too!

2011-01-26 20.34.13

YUMMY!  (That was my thought before the first bite)!

2011-01-26 20.34.42

I forget what Sarah’s was called, but it was a whopping 6+ inches!

2011-01-26 20.45.05

DH was there too and that’s his thumb!  He was full and tired – he got the Beef Burgundy and helped me with my piece of cake.  I ate enough of it to be able to close the to-go box and we called it a night!
So, come on over and visit Marietta Diner and bring your appetite!
Disclaimer – I don’t have any affiliation with Marietta Diner and they did not compensate me in any way for this post.  I did, however, find out that a whole cake can be purchased for $60.00, so if you’re reading this, Dear MD, well… you know.
Be right back
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  1. Oh my goodness. I think I racked up some Weight Watchers points just reading that!

  2. @Kerry Scott
    Oh yes, my friend, and the photos are not even HALF the calories! HA!

  3. OMG! I haven't seen sweets like that in...mmm...probably ever. Next time I'm out that way I'll have to stop! (I'll plan a special trip -ha!)

  4. @Michelle Goodrum
    You could come see ME, Michelle, and I will personally escort you! Of course, I have no ulterior motives for wanting to go back there...

  5. I just watched the most recent episode of The Biggest Loser, where they locked contestants in a huge room filled with their most favorite foods as a temptation. Even though that food was stacked from floor to ceiling and looked great, it had nothing on your Marietta Diner.

  6. @Free Genealogy Guide
    That's too funny! I can imagine only NOT GOOD things could happen if one got locked in at MD! Thank you for your comment.

  7. What?? Oh my sweet goodness!! I am a dessertaholic and those look scrumptious... Forget the meal... those cakes are the meal!! LOL!
    I live about an hour away... will have to book mark this place if we head that way!! Thanks for sharing! Love Marietta!