Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Need of Some Fun Genealogy Research!

‎"I pwedge awwegiance to da fwag of da United States of Amewica, and two da wepubwic for which it stands, won nation undew God, idiwisible, wif wibewty and justice fu aww."
Elmer Fudd
Transcribed by Joanne Schleier
Too much genealogy transcribing makes a girl do strange things...
(No disrespect for the Pledge was intended in this post)

©2010 Joanne Schleier - All Rights Reserved.


  1. "I tawt I taw a puddy-tat."
    Tweety Bird

    Yup, it'll do that to you.

  2. @Greta Koehl
    LOL Greta! I wonder what would happen if the geneabloggers all wrote a post as a character with unique voice! Maybe I've started something viral - HAHA!

  3. Geesh, ladies, I have enough trouble trying to get English half right, now, you want me to be a character too??

    OKKK, "beep beep" goes the roadrunner.

    Bad example - - -