Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marriage Bond For Young Ryal [Royal] & Edee [Edith] Blackman, Duplin County, NC

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Transcribed by Joanne Schleier
State of No. Carolina
Duplin County
Know all men by these presents that we Young Ryal and Frances Hill both of the County aforesaid are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Richard Caswell Esquire Governor of the Said State in the full and just Sum of five Hundred Pounds Currency of the said State to be Paid to the Said Governor or his [missing] in office to which payment Will and Truly be made to we bind our Selves Each of his own heirs Executors and administrators Fondly and Severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and Dated this 20th day of July- anno Dominic 1779.
The Condition of the above Obligation is Such that whereas the said Young Ryal - above bounded hath the Day of the Date here of Made application for and obtained herein License of Marriage between him and the said Young Ryal and Edee Blackman of the [said County] (Singlewoman) and hath obtained [license], Know if it shall not happen at any time hereafter that there is any lawful Cause or Impediment to obstruct the said Marriage, Then the above obligation shall be Void and of no power  other wise to stand and remains in full force Power and Virtue,
Signed Sealed + Delivered in the Presence of
Wm Dixon, C. C.
Young Ryal {sealed}
Frances Hill {sealed}

Source: Duplin County, North Carolina, Probate Records, Marriage Bonds, Rhodes-Young, Box 5, For Young Ryal & Edee Blackman, 1779; State Library & Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh. Digital Photo of Original: Copyright 2010 Joanne Schleier. Photo taken with permission on November, 23, 2010.

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