Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Google Announces “Shared Spaces”

Yes, my friends, Google has done it again and opened their beta version of Shared Spaces.  So, when I heard about it I went to check it out to see what it can do to help with genealogy, of course!

I have been using Google Wave to collaborate with a couple of cousins about our research together on common ancestral lines and I think the general consensus has been that it’s a MARVELOUS tool for doing just that!  But Google announced in August that it would no longer be developing Wave as a stand-alone product, but that they would carry that technology to another product – Shared Spaces.  It is still in Google Labs and not fully developed yet.

If you have a Google, Twitter or Yahoo account, then you don’t need to sign up for this new service – you’re all ready to start a Shared Space.  Once you start one, then you copy the link to share with friends, colleagues, or in our case, fellow researchers!  There is even a real-time chat area to have discussions while you’re collaborating.

I could see how this would be a great tool for planning a trip – like for research or a conference.  First you could create a Yes/No/Maybe gadget to determine who’s attending with you.  Use the Travel With Me or Trippy gadget to plan it all out together. Add the AccuWeather.com gadget to tell you what the weather will be like while visiting your destination.  There’s even a carpool gadget and people can pick their seats!  SHOTGUN!  Set up the Waffle gadget to create the itinerary. And finally the Remaining Time gadget to countdown to the big event!

I’m still usin’ Google Wave!  I only wish more people used it in conjunction with email because it would be easier to add a contact to a Wave if I didn’t have to invite them first!  Please try Google Wave to collaborate with other genealogists!  You won’t regret that you tried it and if you don’t like it you can come tell me so because I feel so strongly that if you're not using Wave to collaborate, you're missing out!  

I have not used the new Shared Spaces because I just learned of it tonight, but I don’t think it will replace me makin’ Waves.  Maybe I’ll go play cards there.  Let me know if you try it and what you think about it too, k? 

P.S. Speaking of Spaces, still can't figure out the double spaces between paragraphs problem here.  Sorry about that!

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  1. Re the spacing issue. I note you seem to be changing the font size in your posts almost every post. I am not sure why you do that, not that it is wrong, hey it is your sand box, right?? But, I cannot wonder, if messing with that is contributing to this spacing issue.

    I rarely change the font size on my blog, birthday celebrations are one exception, and once in a while I will make one or two words larger and bold.

    Do you try to correct this spacing thing while in the Compose screen or the Edit HTML screen?

    When I have written the post in a word processor and copy paste it to blogger, I have found the best way (like it works the best) to fix the extra white space is to do so in the Edit HTML screen.

    I flip back and forth between those two screens a LOT. I do so to copy paste the HTML stuff required to add my signature to each post. I paste that in with the Edit HTML screen, then flip back to the Compose screen, flip flip flip.

    Again, good luck.

  2. @Carol
    Hi Carol- I write my posts in Windows Live Writer Usually in Garamond 12 font. When I post my draft to Blogger, the font shrinks and the text becomes on big paragraph. So, within Blogger, I have to remake the paragraphs and change the font. Where Normal is too small and Large is too big. So I thought better to be too big than not have my readers able to see it because it's too small!
    I've tried removing the space in the HTML screen, where I do add my signature. Maybe I'll try what you suggest though - flip, flip, flip, flip. Wish Google would just solve this issue because since I put it out there, it seems I'm not the only one with "issues"!

  3. Joanne, I like Wave too but couldn't persuade any of my collaborators to come play with me there, darn it! I hadn't heard of Shared Spaces, so of course I had to go check it out. At this point there doesn't seem to be anything like Wave going on there. I really hope they don't abandon the Wave idea completely!