Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can You Help Fix Double Spacing?

My blog adds a double space between paragraphs and I've tried everything to fix it.  Does anyone know how to keep a hard return to a single line?  My guess is that it's some part of the HTML code within my theme and not individual posts.  Help!
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  1. Joanne

    This might help:

    1. Log into Blogger
    2. Go to the Settings tab, then click Basic at the top.
    3. Scroll to the bottom. Under Global Settings, in the Select Post Editor section, mark the button for Updated Editor.
    4. Click Save Settings.

    This should help solve the issue.

  2. This happens to me when I write my post in Word Perfect, then copy/paste to blogger.

    I can see the extra white space as soon as I paste and remove same immediately.

    Probably not the most efficient, but it does get the job done.

    Also if you do what Thomas suggested, you should see a neato preview button in the edit screen while you are working on your posts. Click it, and you will see if there is extra white space.

    And, do check to see what your spacing is set up as, in the dim, dark recesses of my memory banks (which are NOT to be trusted) seems to me there is a place to make that more than 1 space between carriage returns or for computer geeks the enter button space.

    Good luck.

  3. @Thomas MacEntee
    Thanks for the tip. I did as you suggested and found the radio button for Updated Editor already selected. Should I maybe change it to Old Editor?

  4. @Carol
    Thank you Carol! I've tried the copy/paste idea, but even when it looks OK in the editor, the preview is double spaced! I tried to outsmart the spacing by playing around with it...I guess I'm not smart enough! UGH!

  5. I seem to have this problem sporadically with no rhyme or reason why it happens sometimes but not all the time. Occasionally I find some HTML that is causing it and once deleted everything is fine. Sometimes backspacing so that it's one paragraph then adding the returns again solves the problem. I always have this problem if I cut & paste.

    It drives me crazy.

  6. We're using basically the same theme but I'm not having the same problem. When I view your blog in FireFox there is a scroll bar at the bottom that keeps flashing that I don't believe should be there.

    Have you tried:Settings: Formatting then Convert Line Breaks it should be set to Yes but if it already is you could try turning it off.

    My only other suggestion would be to set up a "test blog" (set to not show up in searches or feeds) and play with the template by changing settings to see what works.

  7. @Apple
    Apple - Your suggestion seems to make sense, though I haven't tested it on a new post yet! I'll give it a try soon after the holidays. And thanks very much for the comment!