Monday, February 22, 2010

More of Tee's Crewel

I've found more pieces of my grandmother's crewel. I think you can click on the image to zoom and see the stitching if you like.

FYI - Her nickname was Tee. Being of Lithuanian descent, her given name was Thais (sounds like Thai-eece). My brother and I were her only grandchildren and as kids we called her TeeTee. An image of her is above on my blogs title bar (removed since changing my blog theme in Oct. 2010). She is the one in the First Communion dress with her bible and rosary - love those shoes!

I wrote about a piece she made in another post: Threads of Time. This piece she also finished in 1973. I love how the one coral colored flower stands out. Also, it was probably her second favorite color next to aqua.

This next one was made in 1973, 2 years before the ones above. I love the colors in it and came to have a thing for owls in my adult life.

I don't know the provenance of any of the pieces I am presenting in this post. Unlike the prior post, nothing is written on the back of these. Unanswered questions are: Which one was her first? Did she use a pattern or design them herself? Though, I do remember her working on them sitting on her day-bed in her room and me going in to snuggle beside her or get a hug and she would say "wait a minute dear, let me put down my stitching", always obliging my request and always calling me "dear".

This next one is unlike the prior four which are more of a Jacobean style. I know it was also for me; I am the Leo in the family. It seems to be a 1970's design. I suppose it's even possible that she found this somewhere, maybe even a garage sale, and purchased it. It is not signed by her as the others are and because it is a different style than she did, it's highly probable.

I'm pretty sure that is all the crewel she kept. I have no way of knowing if she made some to give as gifts. My storage clean-up is a work in progress, so I'll soon find out if I've missed any.

I plan to address the fact that, to my knowledge, none are framed with archival quality materials. That will have to wait. I have too many other goals prioritized.

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  1. Wow--I LOVE the owl one. That's right in style today see stuff like that on Etsy all the time.