Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Genealogical Superpower

Inspired by a post with the same title as mine by Stephen Danko at Steve's Genealogy Blog, I decided to create my Superhero avatar (at The Hero Factory) and find out what title I was to be given. Looks like I am "The Impossible Soaring Angel"!!! [Cue the music and give me a sidekick!] Although, some people would call me "The Impossible... No, that's it. Nothing more, just "The Impossible". [My husband comes to mind here.] Here is what my avatar looks like:
I like my stick! It is symbolic of the connection I feel to all things, especially Earth. Weapons are not required to be a true superhero. You can help people with kind words and deeds, and knowing what to say at the right time. That's what I like to think my genealogical superpower is. Helping others. I started my video tutorial site, RelativelySpeaking.TV, with the idea that I could help others with the technology/computer skills part of genealogy that they fear as a way of giving back to them because they helped me to begin to learn how to get started doing my research. I also took 2 whole days in another state's archives to help a friend with his research. He has difficulty reading and with my help he was able to make a lot of progress.
The Pink and the Skirt represent the feminine. All things giving and nurturing. Also relating to Mother Earth because everything we need to live flows from her. I use my feminine intuition A LOT to guide me in my research.
I don't see the angel wing's as mine, but symbolic of our connection to the Divine. Without which I don't think a lot of the synchronicities in my life and research would have occured. And to remind me to be thankful for each and every day of my life and my loved ones and ancestors who came before me.
I hope that explains my Genealogical Superpower. I think others might say that am good with technology too. Maybe this post will inspire another reader/writer to write about their Genealogical Superpower too!


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